You need a debt relief solution.
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High balances and interest rates can make it very difficult to become debt free.
You want to move on and not have to worry.
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A proven process that is easy to begin.

Debt Solution One takes a consultative approach to understand your situation and build a program that will provide one affordable monthly payment, and get you out of debt as quick as possible. We work directly with your creditors and negotiate on your behalf to reduce the debt owed and settle the account.

Here's How It Works

Review Your Current Situation
Review Your Current Situation
Review Your Current Situation
Create A Customized Program
Review Your Current Situation
Save Funds
To Settle Your Accounts
Review Your Current Situation
We Negotiate Settlements On Your Behalf

Some Additional Information...

  • No advance fees are charged. Program fees aren't incurred until a clients new repayment terms and savings are secured.
  • Simplify your life a little more with by having one affordable payment and there are flexible program terms available.
  • Unlike Debt Consolidation or Credit Counseling, our program helps you pay a much lower amount than what you originally owed.
  • Unlike bankruptcy, our program does not require credit counseling.

How Do Things Compare?

Estimate below is based on 20% APR with a minimum payment of interest +1% of balance.*

Making Minimum Payments Debt Solution One Program
Initial Balance $40,000 $40,000
Term (Months) 480+ 48
Balance Reduction $0 $20,000
Total Paid $106,259.98 $28,000.00
Savings Table

You're In Good Hands

Debt Solution One is a proud member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), who is the only trade association for the Debt Settlement Industry fighting for consumer rights, defending access to debt negotiation services and ensuring the ethical treatment of consumers seeking to resolve their debts through debt settlement.

Facts About Debt Settlement:

AFCC Seal of Approval

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